About Us

When you work with Life More Abundantly, you are working with people that understand each person in every situation has inherent value because they are made in the image of God.

Considering our clients more important than ourselves, our process keeps your needs first. We are honored every time we play a role in the transformation of our clients, going from a traditional life of the status quo, to an abundant life of generosity and impact in this world.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

Meet the Owner

Bradley has had a lot of favor on his life, from a beautiful wife and family to an early understanding that we are to grow as individuals into people that reflect God’s Son, so that the world can see how much their Heavenly Father loves them. 

He became attracted to the Financial Service & Insurance industry when he realized the profession allows for life-long friendships, with the opportunity to pour into and build up his client’s lives.

Now he is uniquely positioned to benefit families, youth, and surrounding communities & nonprofits with his time, teaching, and tools. He earned a Bachelors at University of Florida in Family, Youth, & Community Science, with a Minor in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership. He became a Certified Family Life Educator before continuing at Boston Institute of Finance. Seeing the opportunity to not only educate but also provide the tools and service to help families and communities survive and thrive financially, he earned his FL 2-15 License.

Instead of joining a big-name firm, he founded Life More Abundantly as an independent agent. This allows him the freedom to focus on your interests. His goal is to help you protect your family and become wealthy and generous, versus being pressured by sales managers to make their company wealthy off of you.

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Life More Abundantly
Financial Services & Insurance from a Shepherd’s heart